Xero Silencer 2.0

First up the exclusive Xero Silencer 2.0 is everything a window cleaner could want! I had been waiting months to try and get my hands on this thing. Every time Window Cleaning Resource had them for sale they would be gone in a matter of minutes. I couldn’t seem to seal the deal, but I knew I wanted one. I starting noticing WCR would have giveaways every few months and I entered just about every single one. Finally, after much persistence, I purchased a “Mystery Box” that had a chance to have one of these things packed inside. I believe there were only 6 out of hundreds of boxes they were going to sell. The day finally came when my box showed up and if you can believe it this thing was beautifully packed inside it.

The Review:

Initial impressions of this thing… It is handmade in the USA and built from some super tough nylon/poly fabric that makes it feel bombproof! The back side is recessed so it fits to your hip and leg perfectly! I think this is my 5th BOAB (bucket on a belt) I have purchased and have always been disappointed or thought they could be better until now! This thing will hold so many tools, literally I have loaded over 6 squeegees, and a mop and never even noticed it getting in the way or being bulky. It is well designed and is ready to get after it. If you use a Fliq pad from Moerman this thing is great because you have extra space to keep it on you. I usually am always struggling to figure out where to put my squeegee after doing pole work and this finally solves that problem!

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